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Teachers report surge in parental aggression

Parental Aggression
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Parental aggression is revealed as a key issue in a Times Education Supplement poll, with three quarters of teachers believing parents’ behaviour towards them has deteriorated over the last five years.  Primary school staff are considered the most vulnerable.

At Evince Training we have all the tools needed to address these challenges – helping you to maintain the safety of all staff, pupils and visitors on school premises.  Typically we work with senior leaders to provide bespoke packages for teaching staff, teaching support staff and, importantly, administrators who often feel like they are on ‘the front line’.  We have successfully helped Heads, teachers and support team members gain confidence in managing parental aggression without degrading important relationships where the needs of vulnerable children could be lessened as a consequence.

Providing blended learning, we offer the opportunity to enhance communication skills and to learn to risk assess dynamically in ways convenient to the school and the learner.  We use Boal workshop techniques to utilise the power of theatre to create safe learning opportunities for professional staff who need additional skills, in what can become a difficult if not dangerous environment.

Don’t let lethargy set in, you may regret it later.  Act now. Contact Evince and let us use the experience we have of successfully tackling aggression and teaching others to do so too.  Contact us today to start a conversation about keeping your school safe.

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