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Outdoor Emergency First Aid

At Evince we believe in making training relevant.  First Aid is learned best when it is made bespoke.  And the context in which training takes place can reinforce learning.  Outdoor sports takes place in environments where applying first aid can be difficult.  Cold weather, bulky clothing, working far from assistance, can make successful first aid difficult.  At Evince we can help.  We will provide specific course material to match the hazards and risks in your sports or activity field.  We will help you practice in conditions to replicate likely scenarios you need to be prepared for.  We will expose the group to a full scale emergency exercise to test newly learned skills.  And to help you prepare for the reality of serious injury that goes along with the additional risks that outdoor sports and other activities carries, we will add a little blood to our staff role players to make training realistic and challenging.

Our course takes place over an action-packed two days.  It will be hard work but thoroughly worth it.  While we are looking at first aid topics we will also consider leadership/team working in an emergency situation and prevention planning.  But don’t just take our word for how good our outdoor first aid training is, read a testimonial from our last Outdoor Emergency First Aid course:

I have attended and received a great deal of first aid training through either work or my interest in outdoor pursuits. I can honestly say that the training delivered Richard, Diane and Nic from Evince was the best ever. Firstly, all instructors were hugely knowledgeable as demonstrated in their delivery, real life examples and how they answered our questions. Secondly, they brought with them a huge amount of training kit that we could practice with. There was absolutely no danger of not getting the chance to practice with a piece of kit, right down to (training) EpiPens and military bandages. We were also able to practice inserting an OP airway. Finally, the ratio of instructors to students was excellent meaning we never had to wait for the individual attention of one of the trainers. I left the course feeling very confident that if I was called to apply any of the techniques learned I would be able to do so effectively.  Gareth B

Contact us today to discuss your group’s specific needs.  We can arrange training to meet your needs and plan the environment for that training.  Do you need to include a formal first aid qualification?  If so we can adjust the course programme to prepare you for the exam so that you ca gain a recognised qualification.  If you engage in activities in hazardous environments let appropriate first aid training act as an insurance policy so that you can enjoy your leisure time with confidence.

Remember, the higher the risk in your sport or outdoor activity the greater the chance that you will be exposed to an emergency that may prove life threatening or life changing for the casualty.  If it hasn’t happened yet, let us help you be prepared in case your luck runs out.

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