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Conflict Management for Schools and Colleges

Schools and Colleges frequently experience conflict.  This arises from students, parents/guardians and staff.  Learning new ways to understand conflict and to use communication tools to resolve tension and problem solve is at the heart of our approach.  Our experience is that the source of conflict varies from school to school.  As with every training programme we design a bespoke programme to focus on the specific issues relevant to your organisation.

We will provide a variety of learning resources, some familiar, some less so.  We find the use of theatre highly effective to reinforce traditional learning.  It introduces scenarios and the opportunity for your colleagues to engage, identifying the communication tools to reinforce the professional knowledge they have to blend new solutions to challenging situations.

Claire Addis, Principal at Jewell Academy, Bournemouth said of this training,

The team from Evince provided a bespoke package for all the staff at my school. It was delivered in an informative and enjoyable way, with lots of practical tips that all staff could use in their everyday interactions with stakeholders. Staff left the day feeling empowered and confident to communicate with stakeholders, having explored a number of real life scenarios. I would recommend that all schools provide this training for all staff as successful communication and conflict management is essential to the happiness and well being of all”.[hr]

All teaching is rewarding and powerfully so.  Helping professionals to work more effectively and comfortably in their environment rewards us in exactly this way.  Our commitment to you is to provide excellent teaching so that you benefit from our knowledge and practical experience, tailor-made for your specific needs.

This video shows you how NOT to give feedback.

We will help you construct a positive ‘Feedback Sandwich’!