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About Evince

About Evince Training & Our Team

Evince™ Training helps small to medium businesses and individual learners with attended courses and online study. We have a broad range of courses. We have created themes to help you easily identify the best ways we can help you. In addition to what you see now we can help you with particular needs. As experts in training design as well as in delivery we can create individualised courses for your team.  We can also contextualize existing programmes to meet your needs.

Click on the tabs below to learn more about our team of trainers. We have hand-picked experts in their field to give you the benefit of their skills and experience. We have also ensured our trainers make the process of learning enjoyable and rewarding.

Learning and development shouldn’t be a chore. It should be a lasting, positive memory which takes a learner forward and assists an organisation deliver it’s strategic aims.

The Evince Training Team

Meet the team and learn more about Evince and what we can bring to you.




Richard-Newton About Evince Training & Our Team

Richard Newton, Director

“I am an enthusiastic, transformational leader with a passion for teaching and learning.  I have more than 30 years experience in the public sector, over half that time in leadership roles. I also have a lot of experience in the voluntary sector. I have held senior positions within St John Ambulance and as a Chair of a school Governing Body.  Integrity, honesty and diversity are very important to me.  I have good strategic appreciation & vision.  I work well with others, supporting, motivating and encouraging people to build effective teams.

I am a very experienced teacher educator.  I am also very experienced in designing and delivering training in dynamic operational environments.  I am a reflective practitioner, continuously seeking to learn and grow. I identify and develop opportunities. My approach to work is active and dynamic, achieving positive results”.

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Diane Newton About Evince Training & Our Team

Diane Newton, Director.   Lead First Aid Instructor

“It’s very important for me to work in an environment that invokes a positive culture and one where people can develop.  Facilitating the development of learners and knowing that I have been a part of that is such a wonderful experience.  I am passionate about being professional and in serving others.  I really enjoy helping and watching others develop, gaining the sense of satisfaction that I have been a part of that improvement.

I would welcome the opportunity to share my experiences and help your leaders develop in a way that they too can support & empower those with whom they work.

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Nic Crocker, Associate Trainer

“For me there isn’t a better feeling than developing a team that confidently delivers from a sense of empowerment. From my past time managing police teams in high risk environments I know there is no substitute for identifying needs and investing in building skills. When you train colleagues as a group it produces much more than that course’s knowledge.  Training creates the opportunity for reflection.  It promotes self-belief and strengthens the bonds within a team.

Many years of guiding new supervisors & managers towards achieving their potential has taught me learning must be adaptable & accessible.  I enjoy finding ways to reinforce learning and allowing the flexibility busy people & organisations need when studying.  Whenever possible at Evince we teach through a blended approach.  We have received positive feedback because we make online resources available before and/or after on-site training.  I always seek to deliver training in a way that makes a lasting difference to my students.  That is why they return for more”.


As a qualified and professional PTTLS Trainer/Assessor and established NLP Master Trainer and Coach, I am especially passionate about motivational Learning and Development. I also have a strong marketing, sales and PR background.  I particularly love to help people develop, stretching their comfort zones. I work with both traditional, Accelerated Learning and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques that set out to produce self-directed, self-motivated and self-acting learners-the kind of learners that would be valuable assets to any organisation.

I strive to deliver fun, interactive, energising and hands-on programmes. Objectives when delivering training are to:-

  • Help people to recognise and value their own worth
  • Facilitate people to develop their confidence, capabilities and performance
  • Stimulate and support talented people

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Tegan Crocker About Evince Training & Our Team

Tegan Crocker, Associate Graphic Designer

“I am a Bristol-based graphic designer and am currently on the second year of a three-year degree at the University of the West of England. It hasn’t always been easy to work around full-time education, but the rewards speak for themselves. Working for Evince Training has given me the opportunity to learn even as I advise and work with the team.  I’ve even attended one of their training courses as a client!

As Associate Graphic Designer, my duties are many and varied! I am the go-to woman for aspects of both physical and website design, the production of graphic elements for use on the site, and advice on branding and marketing. I am also currently working on the design of a range of Evince products, soon to be for sale on the site.

If you would like to get in touch, please email me at tegancrocker@icloud.com, or visit my website www.tegancrocker.com to see more examples of my work.”

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William  Newton, Associate Trainer

“I am a Paramedic with 36 years of experience in St John Ambulance. I also have 13 years in the NHS ambulance service.  Overall I have 27 years of experience training and assessing First Aid, First Aid at Work, Leadership and Moving & Handling.  I have both youth and adult learners and in a range of abilities, from novice volunteers to graduate paramedics. I have been involved in leadership and development training as well as designing schemes of work for St John Ambulance.  I’ve volunteered in the UK and in Africa, where I have been fortunate enough to spend some time delivering the training to local crews across Kenya.

I still have a full time management role in the NHS Ambulance service and continue my voluntary work with St John across Somerset and Dorset, but I enjoy supporting Evince on an ad hoc basis, where and when time allowsl”.

Will also provides clinical governance for Evince Training non-regulated first aid courses.

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Tom Newton About Evince Training & Our Team

Tom Newton, Associate Trainer

Tom is an Actor, Performer, Curator and Artist. He is represented by Equity under his professional name, Thomas Sellick-Newton, he has credited performances and original written works in TV, Theatre, Radio and Live/performance art. He is the proprietor of his own Theatre Company called, ‘Atmostheatre’.

Tom specialises in Theatre in Education, it is a real passion for him.  He has trained Evince Trainers to use Boal workshop techniques, allowing students to learn as audience members who help to determine the outcome of the performance.  This is a powerful learning tool which Evince clients have praised as highly original and effective.

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Stuart Garner, Associate Trainer

I am passionate about education and learning and I enjoy enabling others to achieve and exceed their goals through teaching, training and mentoring. I firmly believe in the concept of ‘Learning without Limits’ – that people can often achieve beyond their own and others’ expectations by identifying and removing those obstacles which may otherwise hinder their learning. While direct teaching and training is incredibly valuable, I also know the importance of ensuring individuals are actively engaged in their learning, developing knowledge, understanding and skills through tasks and activities oriented around solving problems and over-coming challenges.

I bring a wealth of experience to my work with Evince, having been teaching in state schools for over 14 years, training in the voluntary sector since 2011 and previously a member of St John Ambulance and now the British Red Cross. I am a keen learner myself and seek opportunities to further my own knowledge and skills in subjects of special interest to me and in my teaching and training.

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