About Us & Our Team

About Evince

Evince™ Training helps small to medium businesses and individual learners with attended courses and online study. We have a broad range of courses. We have created themes to help you easily identify the best ways we can help you. In addition to what you see now we can help you with particular needs. As experts in training design as well as in delivery we can create individualised courses for your team.  We can also contextualize existing programmes to meet your needs.

We have hand-picked experts in their field to give you the benefit of their skills and experience. We have also ensured our trainers make the process of learning enjoyable and rewarding.

Learning and development shouldn’t be a chore. It should be a lasting, positive memory which takes a learner forward and assists an organisation deliver it’s strategic aims.

The Evince Training Team

Meet the team and learn more about Evince and what we can bring to you.

Richard Newton, Partner.

“I am an enthusiastic, transformational leader with a passion for teaching and learning.  I have more than 30 years experience in the public sector, over half that time in leadership roles. I also have a lot of experience in the voluntary sector. I have held senior positions within St John Ambulance and as a Chair of a school Governing Body.  Integrity, honesty and diversity are very important to me.  I have good strategic appreciation & vision.  I work well with others, supporting, motivating and encouraging people to build effective teams.

I am an experienced teacher educator.  I am also experienced in designing and delivering training in dynamic operational environments.  I am a reflective practitioner, continuously seeking to learn and grow. I identify and develop opportunities. My approach to work is active and dynamic, achieving positive results”.

Diane Newton, Partner.

“It’s very important for me to work in an environment that invokes a positive culture and one where people can develop.  Facilitating the development of learners and knowing that I have been a part of that is such a wonderful experience.  I am passionate about being professional and in serving others.  I really enjoy helping and watching others develop, gaining the sense of satisfaction that I have been a part of that improvement.

I would welcome the opportunity to share my experiences and help your leaders develop in a way that they too can support & empower those with whom they work.