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Evince welcomes Kirsty Caswell to the team

We are thrilled to announce a new member of the Evince Team with the arrival of our latest associate trainer, Kirsty Caswell.  Kirsty brings strong skills and considerable experience from her NHS nurse specialist role.  We are particularly keen to make use of Kirsty’s skills in supporting our delivery of Mother and Baby first aid training.   Introducing herself, Kirsty said,

I am delighted to have become an associate of Evince Training! My background and “other” job is as a Resuscitation nurse specialist in the NHS where I do various types of training for NHS staff aswell as private GPs, Dentists, Dorset Police and Prison officers. I have lots of experience caring for both adults and children in Intensive Care and Emergency Departments. I have two young children of my own and I am a passionate believer that all parents and carers should undergo First Aid training. Contact me at Evince to discuss your requirements for adult or peadiatric training. Both bespoke and accredited training course can be offered.


First Aid At Work Course

first-aid-at-workWhat is the First Aid At Work Course?

This is a three day course, looking at first aid at work in greater detail.  Higher risk areas naturally require higher skill levels.  We discuss this in this article and it may help you to look at it.  This course will help you prepare for much broader challenges than the EFAW course can offer in a single day, for instance we will address responses to burns and poisoning.  Undoubtedly we will dispel a few myths along the way.

Whatever your work environment, the common factor is you will be working alongside others who may have urgent need of first aid, be that the result of a work-related activity or suffer an unrelated condition while at work. Remember, the national target for an ambulance’s attendance in a life-threatening condition is 8 minutes.  In the southwest area that target is met in 80% of cases.  Your casualty will need to rely on you before paramedic help can get to them.

What will we be doing?

We will train you to be a competent emergency first aider, learning to assess the situation as well as the casualty – giving you the confidence to step forward and made an important difference to someone’s life.

We’ll work together taking turns both as casualty and first aider.  We’ll use use equipment including mannequins, face shields and of course, bandages, providing you with hands-on experience of treating casualties who are unconscious, who have stopped breathing, who are bleeding or who are in shock.  We’ll discuss what is happening in the body so that you understand why different kinds of treatment are relevant in varying circumstances.  We’ll work at your pace.  There is no such thing as a stupid question, this course is your opportunity to immerse yourself in first aid so that you have confidence in your ability to help others.

Evince Training Limited is extremely proud to be an authorised centre offering AoFAQ Regulated First Aid Qualifications. The fact that our courses are regulated by Ofqual, the Government’s office for qualifications, gives you confidence in our attention to detail and commitment to achieving and maintaining the highest standards. You also have the reassurance that by choosing our regulated courses you have complied with the employers requirement to exercise ‘due diligence’ placed on you by the HSE.

What do you get at the end?

Beyond the knowledge and skills to save a life you’ll obtain an important, recognised qualification.  We’ll undertake an ongoing assessment throughout the course. On successful completion you will be awarded a HSE recognised/Ofqual accredited “Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work (QCF)” – that’s valid for three years from the date of issue.

Course Content

At the conclusion of the course the student will be able to :

Understand the role and responsibilities of a first aider
Be able to assess an incident
Be able to manage an unresponsive casualty who is breathing normally
Be able to manage an unresponsive casualty who is not breathing normally
Be able to recognise and assist a casualty who is choking
Be able to manage a casualty with external bleeding
Be able to manage a casualty who is in shock
Be able to manage a casualty with a minor injury
Be able to conduct a secondary survey
Be able to administer first aid to a casualty with injuries to bones, muscles and joints
Be able to administer first aid to a casualty with suspected head and spinal injuries
Be able to administer first aid to a casualty with suspected chest injuries
Be able to administer first aid to a casualty with burns and scalds
Be able to administer first aid to a casualty with an eye injury
Be able to administer first aid to a casualty with sudden poisoning
Be able to administer first aid to a casualty with anaphylaxis
Be able to administer first aid to a casualty with suspected major illness



Compare our costs versus other training providers. Save at least £69 with us.

Evince Training

£249 (no VAT to pay)

St John Ambulance

£290 + VAT (£348)

Red Cross

£265 + VAT (£318)

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As public courses become available they will be displayed in the Everything First Aid page and in the Prospectus.  If you have need of a course for several students please contact us and we’ll arrange a course for you specifically.  We can train in your workplace to minimise disruption.

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