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First Aid Quiz – give it a go

We all think we know something about first aid.  But how much do we really know?  Try our quiz and give it a go.  You may be delighted at your level of knowledge or you may find you need to improve your understanding.

And to make it more fun, if you get 6/10 or more, we’ll give you 10% off one of our January 2017 public courses!

To make scoring accurate, click on the ‘check your answer’ button after making a question selection.

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At Evince Training we are passionate about bringing easily learned, invaluable first aid knowledge to everyone.  Whether you want to be ready to support your family, your colleagues or simply a stranger you pass at their moment of crisis, we have the knowledge you need and a great deal of experience in delivering training in an engaging, contextual way that makes it fun and fulfilling.


prospectusIn addition to these public courses we deliver regulated and bespoke first aid training to business, charities and voluntary groups.  Find our range of courses within our prospectus or contact us.

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What is your learning style?

class-groupWe’re all individudals and this is as true in a learning environment as it is anywhere.  It is important to know what makes us tick, how we assimilate information to make sense of the world we live in. We can quickly establish our learning style to achieve this.

Of course we know the brain receives information through our five senses but theories about learning simplify this to the visual, the auditory and the kinaesthetic.  What we see, what we hear and what we can be tactile with dictates what we learn.  As individuals we may have a bias towards one of these sensory inputs or a combination of them.

Do you favour the visual, auditory or kinaesthetic?

But how can we tell which sense we subconsciously favour?  Considering well crafted questions with specific responses that identify how we interact with the world and reflect on our experience provides a real insight into our individual psyche.  The more questions that are completed the more effective the response analysis can be.

If you would like to undertake the test it will take just a few minutes to complete. You will see your results immediately and you’ll also receive an email copy to retain.  Simply click on the button below and select the answer that most suits you when answering 30 simple questions.  As part of the exercise we will provide you with suggested approaches to learning alongside the analysis of your answers.

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We hope you find the test and the following analysis interesting, illuminating and above all, helpful.