First Aid Quiz – give it a go

We all think we know something about first aid.  But how much do we really know?  Try our quiz and give it a go.  You may be delighted at your level of knowledge or you may find you need to improve your understanding.

And to make it more fun, if you get 6/10 or more, we’ll give you 10% off one of our January 2017 public courses!

To make scoring accurate, click on the ‘check your answer’ button after making a question selection.

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At Evince Training we are passionate about bringing easily learned, invaluable first aid knowledge to everyone.  Whether you want to be ready to support your family, your colleagues or simply a stranger you pass at their moment of crisis, we have the knowledge you need and a great deal of experience in delivering training in an engaging, contextual way that makes it fun and fulfilling.


prospectusIn addition to these public courses we deliver regulated and bespoke first aid training to business, charities and voluntary groups.  Find our range of courses within our prospectus or contact us.

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