Quality Assurance Strategy

All assessments will be carried out by qualified assessors. Their practice and decisions along with our training materials will be sampled by qualified internal quality assurers. This is in order to uphold the reputation and integrity of our centre and our awarding organisation(s) and credibility  of the qualifications that we deliver. It is to ensure we safeguard the principles of ethical, safe, valid, fair and reliable assessments methods and decisions, thus supporting our overarching commitment to delivering the best service possible to our learners.

Evince Training only uses qualified teachers, assessors and quality assurers with relevant occupational competence. Evince Training expects all those working on it’s behalf to adhere to the professional standards for teaching in the life long learning sector.

Our assessors will be subject to a Red Amber Green Risk Rating System for each qualification they deliver, this along with constructive feedback and CPD activity ensure the highest level of quality assurance and safeguard the qualifications we deliver.

The principles and the standards that we set ourselves can be found in our Quality Assurance Policy in our policy library.

Reviewed 4/6/19 by Richard Newton Lead IQA