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Please look through our prospectus (our one-stop-shop) to find details of courses we can deliver for your organisation/group or for yourself as an individual, as well as finding information about our forthcoming courses with dates and locations alongside courses you can arrange directly through us.  Just click on the course to learn more details.  Do you have questions?  Click on the button to start a conversation with us, we will be delighted to answer any questions you have.

Why do some of our courses not provide a price?  Course costs may vary depending upon the location and numbers of learners.  So please talk to us, let us know your needs and we’ll work on providing excellent value for you and a reasonable price for the work and effort we put into delivering excellence.  We will always be extremely competitive, our company size allows flexibility of approach and efficiency, allowing savings we will share with you.

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In addition to providing courses directly to organisations at Evince Training we also arrange courses for individual members of the public.  Below are details of the public courses where we currently have spaces available.  We would love to support you so please book while spaces last.  If you want further information please contact us.